Lucifer Season 6 was announced in June, just over a month before the latest eight episodes came into Netflix. The sixth season will be the final installment of the former Fox series and is expected to arrive at the streamer in 2021. Though details like Season 6’s release date, cast, trailer, and storyline are just beginning to emerge, the show’s team has been dropping hints about the way the series may end.

When Will Lucifer Season 6 Come To Netflix?

Lucifer’s “Lucifans” have got used to long waits between seasons: 19 months between Season 3 and 4 months when the show moved from Fox to Netflix, and then 15 months between four and also the first part of Season 5. If the release date of Season 6 follows suit, fans may expect to see it on Netflix in late 2021.

On the other hand, the coronavirus might mean we get Lucifer Season 6 earlier. Since the show has to return to the production to picture the past half of its season finale, the showrunners may decide to keep on filming Season 6 while everybody is quarantined together. This could mean that the final season airs about a year after the start of Season 5 in August 2021.

This was verified to The Wrap from Lucifer actor Tom Ellis, who stated creation, “would start with what we have got left to do on the Season 5 finale and then we go straight into shooting Season 6”

Who Is In The Cast Of Lucifer Season 6?

Even though it remains to be seen who makes it from the current season alive, all the current cast members are expected to go back for the next set of episodes. This may include Tom Ellis since the eponymous Lucifer, together with Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and Rachael Harris likely to join him.

The present season sets up two new cast members who might be back for more. All these are Tom Ellis again, playing Lucifer’s indistinguishable brother Michael, also 24’s Dennis Haysbert as Lucifer’s father God.

What Will Happen In Lucifer Season 6?

Feb Ellis, who disclosed to The Wrap he has seen the entire outline for Season 6, the series has the exact same finish it would have had if it stopped as originally planned with Season 5. He explained: “Basically, where we finish our series in Season 6 is where we were going to finish in Season 5-but we got another story to tell in between as a breaking off point”

Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson went into more detail in a Collider interview: “Season 5 is exactly what it was always likely to be, except the very, very end of it has become its season, plus all these new ideas we came up with as we all dug into it and explored it.”

Speaking to Variety, meanwhile, the showrunners suggested there might be some references to current events in the final set of episodes. Henderson said: “Pandemic-wise we might make some passing references to it, but we are not likely to make a meal of that. . .But the one thing we’re likely to address is our location inside the world of authorities procedurals. it’s very important to us to speak to the glamorization of police officers and our place at that.”

When Will The Lucifer Season 6 Trailer Be Released?

In the follow the trailer follows the pattern set by Season 5, we will get our first look at the new season about a month or two before the show returns. This means we are unlikely to get a promo before the summer of 2021.

Lucifer Season 6 is coming soon to Netflix.