After a long wait for the significant end to Lucifer season 5, the Netflix play ended on a massive note. But despite the conclusion, there is still one more season to choose the Tom Ellis to play with. Thanks to Netflix, Lucifer acquired its longevity extended following the broadcast system’s decision to cancel the series after three seasons.

From the time Lucifer season 6 comes out on Netflix, this will become Warner Bros… TV’s longest-running Vertigo-based show. Currently, The CW’s iZombie, which finished in August 2019, holds that name, at least for now. As Lucifer season 5, part 2 finished with possibly it is the biggest ending of all time, the expectations are high for Lucifer season.

Lucifer Season 6 Release date

While there has not been a Release date declared by Netflix, since the filming concluded in spring of 2021, it would not be a surprise to see season half of Lucifer come out later this year. Perhaps more towards the tail end, when you believe that the next part of season five only came out on May 28.

Lucifer Season 6 Cast

Lucifer Season 6 will visit Ellis, Lauren German, D. B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, and Scarlett Estevez back as Lucifer Morningstar, Detective Chloe Decker, Amenadiel, Mazikeen, Dr. Linda Martin, Ella Lopez, along with Trixie Espinoza, respectively.

Plot Of Lucifer Season 6

The new season of Lucifer will be set sometime after the events in Season Five, and without showing any spoilers, Here Is What you need to know:

-Lucifer will be giving up his throne to figure out that he is.

-The Devil might have a soul after all, as the new season promises some excellent ol’ redemption for our beloved angel of darkness and light.

He has been living an intense life in LA with Chloe Decker by his side, but now it is time to come back home–and not a moment too soon.