The second half of season 5 of Lucifer has not yet seen the light, but the team of the Netflix supernatural series is already 100% in flour with the sixth and final installment. In fact, although we still do not know the date that the platform has planned to resume the action right where the last episode broadcast of the fiction left it, there is more and more news that we discover about the final stretch. At this point, we already know that Lucifer season 6 will consist of only ten episodes, we know the title of the first of them and, now, two new faces have been announced that are incorporated into the cast to stir up the action even more.

According to Entertainment Weekly, two new actresses arrive in this new stage: They are Merrin Dungey, who played Francine Calfo in Alias, and Brianna Hildebrand, known for her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, in the Deadpool films. Who will they be playing on the Tom Ellis- starring series and what will they bring to the story? We tell you what is advanced to date.

In the first place, Dungey will be Sonya, “a police officer who has no-nonsense and who will develop an unexpected relationship with Amenadiel ( DB Woodside ),” according to the official description of the character. In addition to Alias, which is perhaps a bit far behind, we have seen the actress in small roles in Big Little Lies, Man with a Plan, and Star Trek: Picard, among others.

Regarding the second addition, the role of Hildebrand we know that it will be Rory, “a rebellious and anguished angel who is ready to start giving problems” with the desire to follow in the footsteps of the original rebel, Lucifer (Ellis). However, at some point, “she will realize that Lucifer is not exactly the evil older brother that she hoped he would be.”

While it is always good news to discover new details of the future of Lucifer, we will have to wait a long time to see the new additions in action. After the delay of the second half of the fifth season due to the pandemic, Netflix has not yet announced a return date, although production has been completed. The team was immediately able to get to sixth right after.

In the remaining eight episodes of the fifth installment, we will also meet new characters: Rob Benedict will appear as a mercenary who crosses the path of Chloe and the Police Department; while Scott Porter will be Carol Corbett, a detective who joins the LAPD and who will likely continue to be part of the cast in season 6.

What else do we know about them? Co-showrunner Joe Henderson has already teased that the home stretch is “amazing,” so there’s reason to be excited. As you will remember, the last episode of the first part left Lucifer and his brother Michael on the ropes after the descent from the heavens of God, his father, a crucial character in the second part and key to the end of the confrontation between them.