Love Is Blind Season 2

Love Is Blind is a dating reality tv show. It’s produced by Kinetic Content and created by Chris Coelen. The series premiered on Netflix on 13th February 2020.

It instantly caught the viewers’ attention and has been adored by many. The series is all about 30 people who are there to find love for 10 times at a speed-dating format without coming facial, communication via their pods without access to technologies.

The series is hosted by Nick Lachey and Venessa Lachey. The show took Netflix by storm as it erupts in 2020. The first season saw a lot of scenes to draw audiences’ attention and the show is not ending anytime soon. Variety reported in March 2020 the Netflix has revived the series for the second as well as the next season.

The first hosts are returning for both seasons. Of course, the pandemic is posing a problem to the filming of this series. Vanessa Lachey said in a meeting with Insider that if the show debuted it was completely unknown.

All About Love Is Blind Season 2

Love Is Blind Season 2

Now that it has captured the attention of the audiences, possible contestants for the upcoming seasons should know what they’re getting into. She says that one has to develop an open heart and mind in order that they can find love instead of only for the sake of becoming famous.

Fans were hoping to get the second season in February 2021 like the first season but there has been no news regarding the release of the second season yet. The series is surely not returning this June.

Netflix shared the list of June 2021 brand new releases along the show wasn’t on the listing. The wait has been for over a year since the premiere of this first season. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the next season whenever possible.

Unfortunately, no official release date was mentioned yet. But, an article from Oprah Daily asserted that we could expect the series to return for the second season sometime in 2021, but there is no certainty.

Fans might get somewhat disappointed since they have been waiting for quite a while for the show to come back. However, fans can at least be satisfied with the news that the series will return not only the second time but will also return for the third time. This has to excite viewers a lot as they wait for the show.