Love Death + Robots is an adult animated TV series streaming on Netflix. The first Season of this series was released in 2019 and includes a cast of celebrities Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Gary Cole, Chris Parnell, Omid Abtahi, John DiMaggio, Christine Adams among others. The show is a reboot of the 1981 animated science fiction movie Heavy Metal. Love Death + Robots Season 2 was published on May 14, 2021, although the series is scheduled for its next period in 2022. Here is the review to Love Death + Robots on Netflix.

Love Death + Robots review

The first Season of this series took the viewer by surprise as it made them laugh, cry and think in equal amounts. The series had a great deal to offer in the initial season right from inane assumptions in the event as soon as the Yogurt Took Over into the apocalyptic characteristic in The Secret War. Additionally, episodes such as Sonnie’s Edge and Three Warriors gave the viewers high hopes for Season 2.

But, Love Death + Robots Season 2 has left fans disappointed because it’d just 8 episodes, which was significantly less than half the original show. The first Season of this series had diverse styles and Storys while the next season is supposedly the reverse. Among the main reasons individuals are disappointed with the show is as it’s shorter than the preceding one. Many fans of Love, Death + Robots chose Twitter to discuss their experiences about Season 2.

The other Twitter user wrote he was rather hyped up to the series but it left him disappointed,” that I was not feeling 2 of Love Death and Robots. And I am mad I was hyped for this. “, the tweet. The other Twitter user wrote he wasn’t disappointed with the series, but he left him disappointed because it had been just 8 episodes, “Love, Death + head, Season 2 was a crazy ride. The CGI is following degree and every episode has a special style. Just superb! Story-wise perhaps not as strong as season, but I am def, not disappointed. But why just 8 episodes? I need more!!!” (sic).