Lola Indigo is at the top of her artistic career. The first expelled from Operacion Triunfo 2020 has managed to dedicate herself to the world of entertainment in body and soul through her most personal project that combines dance and music, but personally, Mimi is not 100% in spirits. Yesterday he received sad news about the death of his grandfather. Lola Indigo and her emotional farewell to her grandfather. Life is full of ups and downs. One day we feel euphoric and want to eat the world and the next day it destroys us. It does not matter that you are at the happiest point in your life, for the saddest events we will never be fully prepared.

I hope I can sit at the brazier to have breakfast with you this morning wrote Míriam Doblas in memory of her grandfather, who has died at 93 years of age, full of happiness, love, and adventure.” The singer wanted to say goodbye to her direct relative, putting into value all these years of love and happiness that she has given her by publishing several images of her with her grandparents, including a before and after.

In the first image, you can see a very small Mimi happy to be with her grandparents on any given afternoon, on and then, as the years go by, she does not forgive, with the singer currently visiting her grandparents’ house. I hope I am half as good a person as you were, grandfather Pepe. Thank you for all the love you left behind the artist prays in her memory. It turns out that Mimi’s grandfather was showing off who his granddaughters famous was, and no wonder So she wanted to have the same detail and a proud grandfather’s tribute: You told all the nurses that I was your granddaughter I want everyone to know today that you are my grandfather she declares.

Also, Lola Indigo has encouraged all her followers to spend more time with their grandparents and to give them value, If today you can call your grandparents and let them tell you some of theirs. Don’t forget to tell them that you love them very much,” she says. From here we can only send you a huge hug and all the encouragement in the world for these tough times. Take heart, Mimi Lola Indigo receives the support of social networks, The singer has become one of the most important in our country and accumulates more than a million followers on her official Twitter and Instagram accounts, platforms where she has said goodbye to her grandfather.

As soon as he published the photographs next to his grandparents, the reactions on social networks did not wait. Colleagues such as Mala Rodriguez, a singer whom Mimi has always admired and with whom she collaborated for the hit Witch Woman, have left messages of support in the comments of the publication, I love you, my love wrote la Bad. Roberto Leal and Míriam Rodríguez, presenter and the dancer’s namesake at OT 2020, have also shown her all their love through emojis of little hearts and a very important message from Roberto Leal to remember the importance of our elders in society, Grandparents will always be eternal. They are all together, leaning out from the balcony of the same star, “he says.

Other musicians who have supported Lola Indigo are Maria Isabel, winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, and India Martinez, who, in addition to sending her all the strength and love possible in the world, have added to Roberto Leal’s message, They are the greatest treasure that they will never leave us, I know the pain it causes but they will always be by your side, always. Courage, pretty, wrote María Isabel. India Martinez, for her part, recalled the pain of the loss of a loved one, I’m so sorry, my heart, just in these days it will be a year since my grandmother left, and no matter how much time goes by this is not going. There have also been celebrities outside the world of music who have given their condolences to Lola Indigo, sending her strength, love, and much affection, such as Mónica Carrillo, la Jedet, or Tamara Gorro.

Lola Indigo, Captain Of The Dancer, The New Rtve Dance Contest

After more than three years of evolution and work since her participation in OT 2020, Lola Indigo continues to release great viral hits that sound in all corners and bars of the country to encourage people to move their skeleton to the rhythm of the trap.

Thanks to her tireless strength and resilience, Mimi Doblas trained as a dancer in Los Angeles, Thailand, and China to return to Spain and burst it with Ya no quiero na. Now, the artist will be able to lead The dancer, the dance contest that RTVE prepares, as the captain of one of the dance teams. Your mission? Also, Lola Indigo is passionate about fashion and she showed it in her time at Maestros de la Costura. The artist is at a great moment in her professional career and hopes to open her own urban clothing line very soon.