Line of Duty Episode 7 is soon due to arrive on screens. It will deliver the eagerly anticipated delivery to viewers. It has an audience of 13,000,000 viewers who have viewed six seasons’ worth of the show’s mouth-watering content. This makes it more in fashion and a regular topic.

Jed Mercurio has been the most dedicated sequel director and creator. He plotted it from the foundation of political corruption, edgy instances, astonishing twists, suspense, and corruption.

Roleplayer/ Plot

Kate Fleming, Steve Arnott, and Ted Hastings will all be the main cast. In addition, DC Chloe Bishop (Shalom Bruno-Franklin) may return to the show and help us all start a new season. Contrary to the previous 36 episodes, the new season will introduce Anna Maxwell Martin and her devil Detective Principal Patricia Carmichael.

The latest revelations show the storyline as detective superintendent Ian Buckell’s (Nigel Boyce), uncovering the most-suspected traitor within the police force as the fourth person who covered up for OCG. AC-12 has searched for Ian Buckell, and now he is believed to be that hideous person. The suspense and thrill don’t end there. It encourages the audience to ponder how the plotting was so open and obvious. Once the content has been displayed, it will reveal something huge, novel, interesting, and secret.


Season 6 also had many open-ended queries and questions that were unanswered. These clues point to a season 7 with big plans. This can be seen from the fact that all the key players are alive. Bringing some unanswered endings to the conclusion will bond the audience to this creation. OCG had been in decline since the end of last season. But that was blurred by the sudden and unexpected ending of OCG’s most formidable rival.