Lili Reinhart is back home! After about 4 months away from her affections, the Riverdale actress (as well as the rest of the cast) was able to return to America. The reason for this long estrangement is a teen drama. The set of the series is located in Vancouver, Canada. Due to stringent anti-covid regulations, the actors were unable to return home all the time.

If they did, they would (by law) have to undergo a forced quarantine and would therefore have delayed filming again. For the Christmas period, the set of the fifth season was closed and the protagonists were, therefore, able to take a plane to return to their homeland.

In these shots, which appeared online, Lili Reinhart was caught last Saturday at the airport on her way back to Los Angeles. What impressed many fans was the presence of her, alongside her, of a mysterious boy. We do not currently know her identity, nor do we know if she is a friend of hers, a manager, or something more. These photos tell absolutely nothing, but only show two people taking a plane together.

Someone on the web thinks that Lili has moved on and that she, just like Cole Sprouse, has started dating a new person. But is this the case? Just Cole a few days ago had been spotted again with the one that many define as his new flame. Even in this case, however, no kisses or intimate attitudes were immortalized. What’s the truth?

Meanwhile, here are some sneak peeks on Riverdale 5