Letterkenny Season 10

We know that you want all the information about the upcoming Season 10 of the globally popular series Letterkenny. It premieres on Crave. This article will give insight into the upcoming Letterkenny Season 10 season. Letterkenny, the Canadian sitcom is about the lives and times of the residents of Keeso’s fictional rural village in Ontario, after Listowel.

Jared Keeso wrote and created the show. The actor is also seen in the series. It started as a YouTube video called “Letterkenny Issues”. Crave then picked it up. The series launched on the network in February 2016. Hulu has streamed Letterkenny since July 2018.

This series won Best Comedy Series at the 5th Canadian Screen Awards 2017 because of its incredible storyline and outstanding performance by all its cast. We researched this extensively and have now provided all of the necessary information.

It was legalized after the acquisition of broadcasting rights in the USA to show and future seasons. Letterkenny’s next season has been almost a month since the end of last season. Season 10 will officially be renewed and complete in 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about Season 10 Letterkenny.

Letterkenny Season 10 Release Date and Time

According to some rumors and our speculations, Letterkenny Season 10 will air in July 2022. Season 11, however, is expected to be released just a few months after season 10. Both seasons will have 7-8 episodes each with a duration of around 30 minutes. The 9th Season was just released on Hulu USA in December 2020, one day after its Canadian premiere.

While filming was set to stop before 2020, the production is still going on due to the covid-19 pandemic precautions. Producer Mark Montefiore hasn’t revealed any solid information about the release date of season 10 but it has been officially renewed for 2 more seasons and launched soon on Hulu.

Letterkenny Season 10

Has Filming On Letterkenny Season Ten Started?

highlights that the shoot for Letterkenny season 10 has been postponed until spring 2021.

It’s unclear if the pandemic would cause any further delays. The release dates for seasons 10 through 11 won’t likely be too long, as they’ll be filmed back-to-back. Fans can also anticipate that the majority cast of season 9 will reprise their roles going forward.

Letterkenny season 10 could arrive in 2021.

Has Filming On Letterkenny Season 10 Begun?

Letterkenny’s season 9 finale was quickly completed by viewers. Many of their fans took to Twitter to show their excitement and have already shared their excitement on season 10.

You can see a selection of tweets here: