In Legacies of The Vampire Diaries, Kai was a threat to his family, literally killing them all except his nieces, who were transferred from Jo’s dying womb to Caroline’s vampire womb, however, it cannot be avoided that his return brought consequences.

Interaction with Josie

Thanks to Kai in Legacies, Josie also becomes Dark Josie. Absorbs dark magic to bring his father and sister out of the prison world. Dark Josie is incredibly powerful, but we’re worried too.

Let Ric have his moment

Finally, Ric kills Kai and feels that he has avenged Jo’s death. At the end of the Legacies episode, it appears that Kai is dead. However, Kai has been beheaded before and returned, so we are not entirely sure that Kai is gone.

Brought a legacy of family trauma

Kai merged with his younger brother, killed his twin sister, and ultimately killed everyone in the coven. However, before Kai, there was another family trauma in Legacies.

Kai was treated badly by his father, which makes us wonder if the treatment helped create this evil Kai. Before that, each pair of twins had to do The Merge at Legacies.

Lizzie and Josie have protected themselves from this trauma and grew up lovingly. Now that you have been exposed to Gemini trauma; brings additional layers to your narrative in Legacies.