The season 1 finale of Netflix’s hit Korean drama’Law School’ has only proved, but will the show return for season two?

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After Vincenzo concluded in early May, several fans anticipated there would not be another good Korean play on Netflix to get a few months.

But, there was a fresh series on the cube, Law School, that triggered just a fortnight until Vincenzo wrapped up.

Ever since that time, the series has gone on to be a fan favorite K-drama and among the most complex law-focused series on the streaming stage.

The season finale started today, June 9th, but enthusiasts are desperate to understand whether Law School was renewed for year two and maybe even, what the odds of a different trial are.


In the time of writing, Law School hasn’t been formally renewed for another year by JTBC, the first broadcast community in South Korea.
Regrettably, a formal statement regarding the future of Law School hasn’t been created and conflicting reports are circulating on interpersonal networking.


On the 1 hand, the show is readily popular enough to justify another year; scoring 7.9/10 on IMDB, 8.6/10 on MyDramaList, and 92 percent on AsianWiki.

The narrative itself, focusing on a group of young law students, also brings to the chance of year 2. A sequel could showcase the pupil’s careers in the business or concentrate on a brand new throw, for example, Professor Yang’s brand new course.

Interestingly, in addition, there are hints from the cast and production team which would indicate season 2 might be planned.

A clip in an interview using Ryoo Hye-Young (Kang Sol-A) has started trending on Twitter, with customers reporting which she states she”would love to get season 2″ but they”do not understand” just yet.

Likewise, users also have reported that through a current Instagram Live with cast members, the show manager responded with three’s emojis when asked about year 2.

On the flip side, several reports are circulating social media which assert a second season isn’t being planned by the manufacturing company.

Unfortunately, if another season was being planned, we would have expected to learn about it; with nearly all K-dramas just made to be one-season wonders.

The end to episode 16 also suggests that a sequel might not be on the cards, using hardly any loose ends accessible to research in a different season.

If Law School would be to return for a different trial, subsequently more info ought to be published over the following two weeks. This guide will be updated when more information is made available, so keep checking in for the latest news.