It seemed that after the excellent film directed and starred by Danny DeVito in 1996 it was impossible for a Matilda adaptation that could surpass it. Roald Dahl’s novel. Which has dazzled so many children and not so children since its publication had found on the big screen a perfect replica of its magic and bad temper but if we added songs to the equation the result could be great. The 2010 premiere of Matilda the Musical with compositions by Tim Minchin and a script by Dennis Kelly proved it and the show won several Olivier and Tony awards throughout its history.

It was a matter of time before someone wanted to make another film out of the play and finally the film adaptation of Matilda the Musical has been launched.

In addition as The Hollywood Reporter collects it already has an actress for one of its main characters. This is Lashana Lynch who will play Miss Honey (the kind teacher who befriends Matilda and who was played by Embeth Davidtz in the 96 films) and whom we have already seen as Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel and one day we will see a new 007 in No Time to Die its final release date is supposed to be next April 2.

The new Matilda film is produced by Working Title ahead of its premiere on Netflix and behind the cameras, it has a large part of the team of the theater play repeating Minchin and Kelly and being directed as it happened on the stage by Matthew Warchus. Who the remaining actors will be is unknown and a release date has not been dropped either.