Joan Laporta has acknowledged that he sent a message to Messi as soon as the news from El Mundo was known. The candidate has been convinced that he can convince the Argentine to continue at Barcelona and that he will do so with a strong sports project. It ensures that the ’10’ generates a third of the entity’s income and its presence is, in many cases, key in some sponsorship agreements.


I will do my best to keep him going. I have signs that he is fine in Barcelona, ​​he wants to stay and he needs to trust a sports project.


I have not spoken of these subjects with him. Only messages of support in precise moments. Yesterday I sent him a message, I encouraged him and I told him not to pay attention to this news that all the Catalans want him to follow. I will not say if I answered or not.

 from El Mundo

This news tastes bad because it is disrespectful and as there is mismanagement in the club, it is easier for these things to happen. Barça’s situation is not caused by Leo’s contract. Messi generates more income than expenses. We have done a study and generates around a third of Barça’s total income

Weight InThe Club And The Team

It is not only the economic return, but it is also the emotional and sporting one. In addition to the Champions League, the goals, the 2-6 at the Bernabéu, the showing of the Madrid shirt on the field, eight out of 10 elastic bands that are sold are his, the worldwide repercussion it has, the rivals are scared Seeing Barça with Leo scares the rivals. The smile of a child when saying that his favorite is Messi is priceless.

Incidence Of The Argentine

From 2004 to 2019 we have won 35 titles and Madrid, 22 and this, in large part, is thanks to Leo Messi. Without him, we would not have won so much. Nine athletes in the world earn more money with the total. that a club enters. It is 8.2 of the total of Barça’s income. All sponsors claim to have Leo.

The Bad Financial Situation

What has led to this situation is a Board that has lost economic discipline and, after selling Neymar, common sense.


Every effort has to be made so that it continues so that this beautiful story continues. If I see it possible? The club’s misgovernment situation and some demonstrations do not help. When we said that the elections had to be soon It was for the good of Barcelona, ​​to propose quickly. He wants a competitive project and I am convinced that he wants to stay.

Send In The Club

It is not true that he commands, he likes to play and have fun. He wants to continue winning titles and achieve historic results.

Economically Positive Sale

I don’t see it that way. What the Management Commission has to do is organize the elections, they are complex, the most important in history and they have to be the most transparent and that is what it has to occupy and concern.

Without Messi

We cannot be thinking that he will escape us, we must be focused on him staying. Great players have indeed passed and Barça has been a reference, but we have to do our best to make him stay. Messi is not guided by money. The contract ends in June, an imaginative formula has to be found. If he decides to stay, he will not prioritize the money and will help. It is the club’s responsibility to offer him a great contract as the best player in the world that he is.


If I win, I will try to find out who leaked this document. It should be known, as a club. Leo has generated more income than it is costing.

Contract of your Board

First, you have to enter the club and do the audit.


If he has left the club? He can, but I don’t want to get into this. There are at least five people who know about the contract. But I’m telling you that I don’t want to get into this issue.

Losses This Course

Between 150 and 250 million. We will make 620 million in income. We have about 955 kilos of expenses. The most important thing is that Barcelona has assets.

Anonymous society

Rosell and Bartomeu

I haven’t talked to Barto and Rosell for a year, a couple of months. We talked about an election issue. We had a bad relationship, but when he got out of jail I called him and we talked. It is indeed more difficult to make peace than war.


You have to value it. I like it because it represents significant income, just for participating in 700 million more variables, but I don’t like it because you have to value aspects such as the promotion of promotion, demotions, you commit yourself 10 years.