As a popular television model, in the late nineties, Laly Goyzueta has managed to earn a place as an actress, where she travels permanently both in film and on television. His participation in recent times has been hand in hand with Del Barrio Producciones, which have allowed him to shine in genres such as drama and comedy. Last year we saw her as Lorena on the other shore and this year in the repetition of the remembered Holidays in Greece.

In January, she announced that she had volunteered for the Sinopharm vaccine against COVID-19. I feel proud and happy to contribute to the development of science she wrote on her Twitter account, and a few days ago she presented the book My climax between your hands, by Karina Reyes, which presents Alicia, a woman with desires and desires in a city of prohibitions and prejudices like Lima. How did I dare to present it? The truth because it was easy for me to read, it captivated me. It is a very brave book for society as conservative as ours. For a woman to dare to write an erotic book, I also found it brave he says.


I like his protagonist and how he lives his sexuality. I believe that many times we have been judged for the mere fact of wanting to enjoy a sexual relationship. In the case of Alicia, she is a woman who lives her sexuality as she sees fit, adds Goyzueta over the phone.

Do You Feel That Female Sexuality Continues To Be Demonized?

Yes, there is a huge demonization of how today’s girls live their sexuality. They fill them with qualifiers, they present them as objects of desire of men. It is not wanted to recognize that part of the empowerment of women is to live fully, in absolute freedom their sexuality. We have achieved a lot in all fields it has cost us a lot although for example, in some labor sectors we still earn less than men. For years, we have carried the burden of being perfect at home with our children at work. Men are certainly less judged. I hope this changes and in this, the mothers of today have a great responsibility.

Actually, What Year Awaits You?

It is uncertain it is complicated now with the pandemic and quarantine. I would love for something to come, right? Although there are now few productions, the casts are small and the guild is large.

Your husband Argentine Mariano Sabato is also an actor. How do they do it then? We are 100% committed to the our healthy plan company. It is our venture, whose motto is ‘pleasure without guilt.