Perhaps when on Saturday morning the Pope authorized the decree that officially recognizes that George Spencer lived the Christian virtues as a hero, someone will have explained to him that this former Anglican was Lady Di’s third-degree great-uncle, and therefore a relative. direct from the future King William, Harry, and their children. The beatification process is well advanced and if there are no surprises, the future King of England and head of the Anglican Church, will be related to a Catholic saint. A joke of fate to the purest British, because the Act of Settlement prevents a Catholic from ascending to the throne or whoever marries a Catholic.

Wherever you look, Lady Di’s distant uncle was an Englishman. But it is also that, according to the historians of the diocese of Shrewsbury, George Spencer is also related to Winston Churchill l l. She was born in London in 1799. She was raised in the family home in Althorp, Northamptonshire, which is where Diana of Wales is buried. His father was in charge of the British Navy and invited people like Admiral Nelson home. He studied at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge. From those years some letters are preserved in which his mother reprimanded him for spending too much time drinking tea and playing cards. Also, he was passionate about cricket throughout his life.

He fulfilled the tradition of aristocratic English families, and as the youngest son, he was ordained an Anglican priest. Like other Anglican intellectuals of that time, he began to study the Bible in search of principles on which to support the Anglican tradition. To his surprise, the reading of Christian authors of the first centuries, the so-called Fathers of the Church was leading him intellectually towards Catholicism. At the age of 31 he decided to become a Catholic and two years later he was ordained a priest. A passionate apologist, he launched a joint prayer campaign between Anglicans and Catholics for unity in truth. He also invited the then Anglican John Henry Newman to participate, who dismissed him with bad manners.

Waiting for the Vatican to approve a miracle later he decided to become religious. In 1846 he entered the C congregation Passionist Ignacio and was renamed, St. Paul. From then on he devoted his energies to the poor Irish emigrants from the West Midlands who lived in caves in the area. Now the promoters of his beatification are waiting for Vatican scientists and experts to approve a miracle attributed to his intercession, for the Pope to allow it to be elevated to altars. It is not clear whether Lady Di or Winston Churchill knew of his ancestor. But just as Prince Charles participated last year in the canonization of former Anglican John Henry Newman, in the eventual beatification ceremony, you wouldn’t miss seeing William and Harry in the front row.