“Leo will play wherever he wants. I think we have to draw up an open contract which will allow him the chance to retire at any moment when he sees fit. We would be delighted if he asks us if he can spend a year playing at Newell’s, return and see out his playing days at Barcelona. In life, it’s important to show gratitude.”

La Liga (2020-21): Barcelona Presidential candidate Jordi Farre has revealed his strategies to make sure that Lionel Messi extends his stay in the Camp Nou. The Argentinian, whose current contract expires in the summer of the next year, was embroiled in a lengthy dispute with the club this summer.

However, Jose Maria Bartomeu’s resignation from the post of club President could induce the six-time Ballon d’Or winner to reconsider his position. Messi didn’t like the best of relationships using Bartomeu, so his departure might help Barcelona keep hold of the prized asset.

Farre has theorized a flexible agreement with Messi, which would permit him to return to childhood club Newell’s Old Boys for a single season and then come back into the Camp Nou, might be an option.

Even though Messi seems to have put the summer behind him at the moment, it was obvious that he may be considering a move away from Barcelona in the not too distant future.

Messi will be the new Michael Jordan of Barcelona: “Farre”

Ferre also revealed that talks to guarantee the Argentinian extended his stay at the Camp Nou will be initiated immediately. It would ensure everyone in Barcelona had”peace of mind” before the beginning of elections.

“We’re not going to wait until the result of the election before talking to Leo’s father. We are going to start work now so that by the time of the elections, we will have peace of mind that he is staying. We have a project for life underway for him. If we win, we will achieve what we set out to do, Leo will stay for as long as he wants.”

Messi’s attributes require a leading contract, which takes a substantial part of the Barcelona revenue. Ferre thinks that the answer to this is to make Messi the surface of the club for years and allow him to earn astronomical salaries such as Basketball legend Michael Jordan.

“Messi has to be the face of the club, whether that is a honorary president or ambassador, we will give him the opportunity to make money. We also have an economic project which would combine the Barcelona and Messi brands, but first we need to discuss that with him in person. It’s a stunning project. We could make Messi the new Jordan.”

Ferre started by stating that Messi would possess the freedom to play wherever he desires. But he did speak of a desire to see Messi retire at Barcelona.