The end of 2020 is coming and the media is filled with recap lists. On the one hand there are the best series of the year, more subjective lists, pending the criteria of one or more critics. On the other, the quantitative ones, those that show the popular taste of the spectators. Like those made by the TV Time application, which helps millions of users around the world to register and keep track of the series they watch, and which has placed the classic comedy of the American free network NBC Friends (1994- 2004), now accessible on various streaming platforms (varies by country), as the most marathon of the year.

The Spanish La casa de papel (now on Netflix, originally on Antena 3), in fourth place, behind Friends , Lucifer (Netflix, in its first seasons on Fox) and Grey’s Anatomy (ABC). Completing the list from fifth to tenth place, Modern Family (ABC), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC, started on Fox), The Office (NBC), One Piece (Fuji), Sex Education (Netflix) and How I Met Your Mother (CBS).

Although they are now available on global platforms, six of the ten fictions were broadcasted in their entirety (and were produced) in origin and in their day on general free-to-air networks (NBC, ABC and CBS). Only one of them, Sex Education , is an original story from a platform, Netflix, which has also placed two series that it recovered from other networks, with new seasons, La casa de papel and Lucifer .

TV Time records the most marathoned series every week in the world (last week it was the Spanish El desorden que deja , from Netflix). The application also highlights the most viewed premiere series each year, not necessarily marathon in a short period of time. In 2020 they have occupied the top seven positions Emily in Paris , Locke & Key , Never have I , Outer Banks , Lady’s Gambit , This Shit Beats Me and Ratched . All from Netflix. It is not until the eighth position, with Snowpiercer , from TNT, that a fiction that is not from the digital platform appears on the list.

TV Time has a database with 250,000 series and movies, which means that users can register more than 18,000 million episodes and films.