WWE Hall of Fame member Kurt Angle was interviewed for the Wrestling Perspective YouTube channel. During the session, the Olympic medalist recalled his match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XIX, and how he must have reacted after the injury suffered by his rival. Next, his statements.

Kurt Angle was not going to compete at WrestleMania XIX
The deal was to lose the title after a solid reign, and I would take the opportunity to have surgery to repair my broken neck. Vince wanted to see me defeat Lesnar on SmackDown with a simple F5, and I completely refused. I asked Vince to appear on WrestleMania, but he needed proof that he could fight. My personal doctor managed to get me a medical discharge. The day after the event, I flew home and performed that surgery.

The angle should have reacted quickly to Brock Lesnar’s injury
The first thing I thought when he landed on his head was shit, I’ll have to carry the title another month. It was very scary to see Brock fall and not get up. I covered him for the count of three while I was saying please get up, you have to get up, don’t let yourself get lost now. He rejected the count and I asked him if he was okay. He said he didn’t know, and later he tried to get up. I practically pushed him to keep fighting. . I asked if I could become an F5 and said yes and so it was. I received the F5 and all ended react very quickly to Met that problem.