Former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Kurt Angle was recently interviewed on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast. Among other things, Angle spoke about his signing with TNA in 2006 and compared his time with the company to the previous period he spent in WWE. The following are the highlights transcript courtesy of Colin Tessier of Wrestle Zone.

Had the best career in TNA

I really had a better career in TNA than in WWE. I hate to admit it because WWE was the great company of the moment, but my situation improved when I got out of there. I had only been in the business for six and a half years when I came to TNA, and Then I reached the peak of my career. I had matches against Samoa Joe Sting AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, all these guys. I had a great career there.

Although I love WWE, I had a better time in TNA. The most surprising thing about this is that a part of me wishes I had stayed in WWE during those years because they had more keen eyes on their product. A lot of people missed a big part of my career.

At TNA he took too many risks

I climbed my level TNA, started more crazy things to do, like throw from the stage or make moonsaults from the top rope, and took many risks. I gave him a beating on my body. N or started to slow down until 2014 or 2015. So, I started to hold back a bit and do more confident and basic movements, much more basic than I used to do before.