Konosuba’s Twitter handle has posted information about the upcoming season. Many fans waited patiently until the third season was announced after season 2. In 2017, KonoSuba 2 was a huge success. The comic world has been waiting eagerly for the announcement.

A new anime project has emerged after a long wait of approximately four years. It is based upon the light novel series. KonoSuba, God’s Blessing of This Wonderful World! plans to create a new anime series based on the well-known light novel series.

This teaser shows the third season KonoSuba God’s Blessed on This Wonderful World! However, we do not expect any leaks. The premiere date is unknown.

Recently, KonoSuba is announced via its official Twitter page on July 18 that there will be a new production coming up soon. The Twitter post does not contain any other information, except that the team will continue to update the reports.

English translation: “New animation production determination!” A blessing to this marvelous world! It is now possible to create a new animation. The new animation announcement visual has been released! You can look forward to the follow-up reports. The post is available below.

Although the announcement has not mentioned whether the upcoming production would be for KonoSuba Season 3 or the related spin-off project continuation, however, the enthusiasts would be excited about the return of their favorite series.

The series centers on Kazuma Sato (a boy sent to a fantasy universe with MMORPG aspects following his death) where he joins a group of dysfunctional adventurers with a goddess, archwizards, and a crusader.

The anime film adaptation of the series, which was made following the tremendous success of its first two seasons has been released on August 30, 2019. The story of KonoSuba has been adapted to Volume 5 of the manga in the series and the movie. As of July 2021, Japan has 13 volumes.

Presently, the release date for KonoSuba Season 3 is yet to reveal, but we guess it is likely to come in 2022.