For the last several years there has been a debate about WWE’s heritage when Vince McMahon can no longer direct the Raw and SmackDown shows. The chairman is currently 75 years old and, although many indicate that he is still in top form, the media are beginning to point to him as the main cause of the decrease in the audience and the value of the product.

Konnan was recently interviewed by Chris Featherstone, where he revealed his thoughts about the future of WWE and the figure of Triple H as a possible replacement for Vince McMahon. Konnan believes that Triple H is exactly what WWE needs to lift their product.

NXT is a very well done show a well-produced show, with great matches, and where there is a great eye for talent. Triple H is directing that. I think it would change for the better. I think Triple H is exactly what WWE needs. Konnan stated when asked about the possibility of Triple H taking over the main shows.

In the same interview, Konnan talked about Goldberg and his time in WCW. Konnan pointed out that Goldberg’s fame went to his head a bit, but described it as normal, considering the type of wardrobe that was in then.

It went up a little bit, you know he declared. I mean, when you get that huge popularity that he got so quickly people start treating you differently and then you start thinking of yourself differently. So it went to his head a little bit. He was much more humble. when he first came in. But there were also a lot of guys trying to knock him off the pedestal so he went into a state of paranoia.