During the recent broadcast of the podcast, The New Day Feel The Power Kofi Kingston spoke about how he felt not to participate in the Royal Rumble of 2021. Additionally, Kofi admitted that it was strange to watch the match from backstage after being one of the standout superstars in previous years.

It was really weird, you know what I mean? I feel like a big part of me is missing. The Royal Rumble is very important to me. The fans look forward to WrestleMania every year, because the same thing happens with Royal Rumble, I look forward to it with great emotion and every year I fight I have the feeling that it is the first time, said Kofi Kingston.

I still haven’t been able to believe that I haven’t been able to participate in the Royal Rumble this year. Some people literally ask me all year round, ‘What spot are you going to do at the Rumble? Do you have something planned?’ I always say that I have nothing planned, and it is the reality, I always improvise days before the show that I can do to impress the fans, said Kofi Kingston.

This year’s Royal Rumble match was the first Kofi Kingston missed in his WWE career thus far. Over the years Kofi has become known among fans for his outstanding spots in these matches. This year he was unable to compete due to a jaw injury.