Kingdom Season 3

The South Korean zombie series was first shown on Netflix in January 2019. It quickly became a hit. The story of a society-killing plague was naturally popularized by viewers when season 2 debuted on Netflix in March 2020. This series dealt with the real-life COVID-19 epidemic. The finale ends with a significant cliffhanger, which will greatly enhance the story.

Kingdom Season 2 follows Lee Chang, the Crown Prince from Joseon (Ju Jihoon), as he attempts to understand the origins and consequences of a zombie epidemic. The Queen Consort Cho, Kim Hye-jun, brings the King to life with the help of a resurrection plant after his father’s death. The parasite responsible for the rapidly spreading plague is found in the flower. The Crown Prince survives the chaos and a pack of zombies is killed in the finale. While the queen pretends to be pregnant, a zombie bite saves her. Kingdom season 2 then jumps ahead seven years for a couple of big reveals.

Kingdom Season 3

The kingdom season 2 finale sees the Crown Prince pretending to die – at the least in historical terms – so that his alleged son, the Queen, can be the rightful heir. Chang and company embark on a recon mission in northern China to discover a mysterious woman keeping zombies alive. They discover that the Chinese are selling the resurrection plant seeds, indicating a plot against the King.

Release Date

Kingdom season 3’s premiere date has not been set, but it would be prudent to anticipate one after the next iteration. However, 2022 is the most likely date, although it’s possible to get one sooner.

Story Details

Kingdom season three will likely explain the why. Kingdom seasons 2 and 2 have provided information about the who, what, and where aspects. The Crown Prince discovered that Ashin (Jun Jihyun) was keeping zombies alive. This raises doubts about her motives and whereabouts. Kingdom reveals that the boy king has a parasite in his body, indicating that it can mutate. It remains to be questioned what Ashin’s motives are.