Kindred Spirit a paranormal television series and documentary reality series is going to create a new season. Firstly the series starts it’s premiering on October 21, 2016 over Destination America and TLC. Many of them are observes for liking uncanny old houses with unrevealed secrets. Furthermore to join Travel Channels, ‘Kindred Spirit’ started investigating on paranormal activity. The average timing of the show expands for 45 minutes each along with meeting a new family. In contrast every horror series this show standoff by some interesting and unique activities. Not only by solving paranormal activities but also covering historical investigation involving family and homes. Hence the fans are not astonished by its renewal.


The story depicts the story by Grant Wilson and Jason Haws by establishing their show Ghost Hunters. Therefore become a part of the producer of her own podcast session name Beyond Reality radio. Along with everything she also wanted to start up her own published books under the title Life With the Afterlife: 13 with a paranormal travel company offering haunted phenomenon around the world.


Adam Berry as paranormal investigators and Amy Bruni as another investigator.

Release Date

After the pandemic situation in the previous year, the tv series has confirmed its announcement on 2nd January 2021.