“He (Khabib) had lost one time in training against this kid Frank Munoz, a really big, tall kick-boxer. Frank was trying to go really hard with him. Khabib had a fight in two weeks. 

UFC: Former UFC lightweight Josh Thompson Remembered a sparring session at AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) between kick-boxer Frank Munoz and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Thompson, talking during his podcast’ Weighing in’ with former referee-turned-commentator John McCarthy, stated:

“Frank was just there to train and it pissed Khabib off. Khabib just picked him up and slammed him, we had to pull him off Munoz at the end of the round. He was putting it on him and everyone was trying to break it up. It’s funny though, the Russians, even though they’re all extremely close, they were all just standing there and watching because Khabib was doing all the work.” 


The narrative concerning Khabib by Thomson sums up the UFC lightweight champion and his dedication to the game. Additionally, it highlights the amount of Khabib’s grappling with Munoz being a middleweight.

“Well, he (Khabib) didn’t say that he’ll fight, but he didn’t say no. He’s considering the 30-0. His father wanted it and I think that he was super-emotional. (He) had the mumps, measles or whatever, broken toe, trained on a stationary bike for that fight, and then came in and fought, and he was super-emotional.

“He’s still the champ – there’s no vacant title open right now, or no interim title happening. He’s the champ and we’ll give him some time to figure out what he wants to do. … I feel pretty good (about it). He said he was going to talk with his mother,” claimed White, opening the door for a potential return.

The Russian champion left his gloves in the Octagon at UFC 254, announcing his retirement from the match. The 32-year-old will return among the best to have done it in MMA due to his 29-0 unbeaten record (13-0 from the UFC).

Nevertheless, Dana White, none to give up on his precious asset, has tried convincing the AKA fighter to return for one last fight. Khabib’s dad and trainer, the late Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov wanted his son to achieve the 30-0 in his livelihood. Speaking following the UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas,” White stated: