As we know, former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens is currently in a feud with current champion Roman Reigns. The two will fight on Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view, and before the big fight, Owens praised his opponent, as did Paul Heyman and Jey Uso.

It is also worth remembering that Roman Reigns became a heel after his return at SummerSlam earlier this year, and at the following SmackDown, he allied with Paul Heyman. He then involved his cousin and WWE Superstar Jey Uso in his storylines.

Before TLC, Kevin Owens spoke to Fightful about Roman Reigns’ new character and how everyone wanted him to embrace the dark side because of the negative reactions he used to receive from the WWE Universe. Owens said it was “very nice to see” Reigns’ new attitude. He also praised Heyman and Jey Uso for the role they played alongside Reigns’ new character.

“He (Reigns) is very passionate about what we do, me too, and there are different levels of passion in different people, but when you work with someone as passionate as you, it creates good moments, stories, memorable moments and all that it naturally increases your level as well. It’s been a lot of fun – and it’s not just him, (Paul) Heyman and Jey Uso have been great in their roles too, it’s really cool. It is very refreshing for me to be involved with all these guys in the way that we are doing now. I hope it continues, for sure ”.