Katla, Netflix’s original bet ‘made in’ Iceland, is one of those series that, without anyone expecting it or being part of the streaming platform’s big bets, sneaks slowly and with good lyrics among the most popular with its subscribers and manages to stay among ‘hits’ of the stature of Elite or the second season of Lupine. Released on June 17 and set in his cold and captivating country of origin, Kavala is a science fiction title in which Vik’s neighbors begin to experience the strangest events after a subglacial volcano, the Katla which also baptizes the series, erupted a year ago.

Specifically, stuntmen of Vik’s residents who disappeared in the explosion and other people from the protagonists’ past begin to emerge from the depths, while a volcano expert named Darri ( Björn Thors ) tries to find a logical scientific answer to what is happening since his son is one of those who have returned, three years after having died of head trauma.

Katla hooks up and does so from the very first episode, with the appearance of a woman covered in ashes who is exactly like a ( ris Tanja Flygenring ), the sister of the protagonist of the series Gríma ( Guðrún r Eyfjörð ). sa disappeared on the same day as the volcanic eruption and, while they both try to understand what is behind the strange event, his father is facing the strange reappearance of his young love, Gunhild ( Aliette Opheim), although 20 years younger. As the eight episodes that make up the series’ only and first season so far progress, terrible truths begin to come to light, such as that sa died in the explosion and that the person who has been helping Gríma understand what happened is not his real sister. Thus, both Grima and Darri begin to suspect that the “duplicates” have arrived with an objective that they have not yet managed to discover when a new group of people re-emerge from the ashes …

With this outcome, it is impossible not to wonder about what will happen in season 2 of Katla … Although for that it will have to be commissioned by the streaming platform. However, if so, some things may be taken for granted before it becomes official. Find out everything you can expect from Katla’s future below:

Will It Be Renewed For A Season 2 On Netflix?

Netflix has not yet officially confirmed that there will be season 2 of Katla, but the truth is that the way the first installment ends leaves the door open for it to be so. Also, although the Icelandic series has not made too much noise, it has fit very well among those subscribers who have given it a chance and has remained among the most popular of the streaming platform during the two weeks after its premiere.

In the end, it will be the total number of viewers who have given the series a chance in the month after its premiere that determines it. Thus, we can expect Netflix to announce its decision in this regard at the end of July when the usual “trial month” that the streaming giant offers its series has passed before making a final decision on the matter.

What To Expect From Katla Season 2?

The second season of Katla could opt for, one of two, or continue exploring the plots that were left open in the first installment, or dedicate herself to body and soul to addressing the that surround the environment of the people who emerged from the ashes in the final episode.

As the Screenrant website points out, if the purposes of several of its protagonists, such as Grima, Darri, and Rakel or Magnea, were resolved in the first season, this new group of reappearances promises to give rise to new stories while viewers continue to understand, as in the first installment, what can explain and if there can be some science in the fact that this subglacial volcano has given rise to these strange phenomena.

Who Will Star In Season 2 Of ‘Katla?

Again it is ambiguous since a hypothetical season 2 of Katla could well have a completely renewed main cast or, on the contrary, it could delve deeper into those we already know while exploring the new stories.

In any case, with the volcano’s new reappearances, new faces in the cast are more than guaranteed.

When Will ‘katla’ Season 2 Premiere?

It is a lot to anticipate, but, if Katla is finally renewed for a Season 2 on Netflix, the premiere of the new episodes could be delayed quite a bit. As they point out on the Screenrant website, it seems certain that at least a year could pass and new episodes be released in the summer of 2022, although it could also be a long wait and that there would be no more Katla until 2023.

For now, Netflix must decide the future of its Icelandic series, whose first installment of 8 episodes is available in full on the platform.