Carrion Kross was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda’s Rick Ucchino and gave details on his recovery from the injury he sustained after winning the NXT Championship at the NXT Takeover XXX event. Kross had to vacate the title at the subsequent show and claimed that he never felt like he had been knocked out.

I feel like the injury never happened. I recovered and stayed much better than I thought. He had no idea when he might return, but he was looking forward to it. I do hard physical exercises daily and I think that helped me a lot. I feel really good right now, Carrion Kross said.

The rehab was pretty tough. I decided to do a lot of extra exercises on my shoulder as well. Also, the WWE staff put me through a very rigorous process to rebuild stability and reduce inflammation in the joint. When I got home, I would bring all the equipment they gave me to wear and I would do it three to four times a day, although it wasn’t necessary, said Carrion Kross.

I wanted to get back into a ring as quickly as possible. And I honestly thought no way would happen. I chose not to have surgery and followed a very clean diet. I spent all the time that I would normally spend training in my rehabilitation process and reduced how long I had to be away from the ring. I’m very proud of that even though it was very tough and very difficult, said Carrion Kross.