Kaley Cuoco had an awkward moment live when a fan asked her a more than an embarrassing question about her ex Henry Cavill.

If these unexpected revelations are to be believed, Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill were once a couple to make the buzz. Yes, if the American actress had a high-profile love affair with Johnny Galecki, her playing partner in The Big Bang Theory, she also dated the star actor of The Witcher and Man of Steel in 2013. for a few days only. But now, if this brief romance which made a lot of noise dates from seven years ago, it has not finished intriguing the fans and one of them dared to ask a very embarrassing question to the actress about the one who once made her heartbeat.

Present on the Watch What Happens Live show by interposed video, Kaley Cuoco found herself in a funny position when Andy Cohen, the host of the show, relayed a fan’s question concerning Henry Cavill: “Kaley, is the man of steel made of steel? ” thus referring to the role of the latter in Man of Steel. Visibly embarrassed, the 35-year-old actress responded with a burst of laughter: “Oh my God! I don’t know” she said before continuing “I still have an answer but now I don’t know”. If Kaley Cuoco had confided in being crazy about Johnny Galecki at the beginning of their relationship, however, she will not say more about Henry Cavill.