Juanito Oiarzabal the living legend of mountaineering announced this Thursday at the Gran Hotel Lake in Vitoria the final goodbye to his project of climbing the eight thousand for the second time the so-called 2x14x8,000. The 64-year-old from Alava had already dropped it in October during a conference in Leon but wanted to make it official with a press conference in his hometown, at home. Oiarzabal is the third mountaineer in history to have conquered the 14 highest peaks in the world without oxygen, not forgetting his 47 ascents in the Himalayas 26 of the eight thousand.

I am medicated for life,

and I have realized that from 7,000 meters it costs me a lot acknowledged the Basque. Because the life of the mountaineer is hard very hard and in the end, it takes its toll and is accentuated with the years, Juanito admitted. To this must be added the pulmonary embolism that the Victorian suffered in 2016 climbing Dhaulagiri, and the death of also alpinist Alberto Zerain in 2017 with whom Juanito was carrying out this 2x14x8,000 project. To these reasons is added another I do not like at all what I see today in those mountains with all the commercial expeditions.

I am medicated for life, and I have realized that from 7,000 meters it costs me a lot

One of the best stories in the mountain worldJuanito Oiarzabal is going to say goodbye with a documentary. Right now he is immersed in his recording with his son Mikel and Sebastián Álvaro, director of ‘Al filo de lo impossible. The feature film will be shot in Pakistan, Nepal, and Patagonia. In fact, they have already been in the first of the countries two weeks ago. The objective is to tell one of the best stories in the mountain world, Alvaro said at the event

Dodging death for years”It will take a long time for a person to make the second round of 14 ‘eight thousand’ because it is not easy to stay alive

acknowledged Oiarzabal aware that he avoided death on numerous occasions during the more than three decades that they have passed since his first ascent to Cho Oyu in 1985  I have been very lucky he confessed since he has lost many companions on the mountain. The Basque suffered numerous fractures, was about to lose his nose twice due to frostbite and had to amputate his toes in the repetition of K2 in 2004.