Former WWE World Champion John Cena was recently interviewed by Forbes’ Alfred Konuwa. Among other things Cena responded to statements from The Undertaker that he claimed the current product is softer and talked about the first time, Stone Cold Steve Austin returned during the PG era. Here are the most prominent statements.

Does Not Consider The Current Product To Be Soft

I’ve seen the business evolve, but I’ve also been told that I’ve ruined pro wrestling. I could take a look at the financial data from my era in WWE, and the entire cast that brought the Attitude Era into the current era, going by the Ruthless Aggression Era for discussion. Attitude Era fans see that our product is not what they were used to. So I don’t entirely agree with The Undertaker’s choice of words. I don’t think the product current is soft, but it is different.

Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Didn’t Know How To Act At The Start Of The Pg Era

I remember the first time Steve Austin came back during the heyday of the PG era, he was confused. Steve Austin used to come on stage to deliver his speech. And if he got stuck, he could swear, show middle fingers, or ask for a Beer. We had removed three of his main weapons and just told him he had to go out and be himself. He came back backstage shaking his head and said, I don’t know how you do it  If he had more time to prepare, I think he could get used to it. It’s that good.