• John Cena affirms that Big E will be one of the most important superstars of the future of WWE and will make history
  • WWE 24 Special: Big E premieres February 28 on WWE Network

Big E is currently the WWE Intercontinental Champion and has had a good winning streak on Smackdown since winning the title last year. Big E has been getting a big push from the company after the Draft last year and it has certainly benefited him.

WWE recently uploaded the trailer for their new WWE 24 special, which will focus on Big E’s growth as a company superstar. The clip included interviews with many superstars from Vince McMahon’s company, as well as his former teammates from The New Da and other wrestlers like John Cena.

YouTube video

John Cena praised Big E stating that we still have a lot to see from him. He was also very sure when he declared that Big E t will have a great future in the company and will be one of the most important superstars. “There’s still a lot to see from him. You know what? He’ll end up making history, ” Cena stated in the trailer clip.

Big E was injured on the last Smackdown show

During FOX broadcasts of the recent Friday Night SmackDown show, superstar Big E had to be hospitalized after suffering an attack by Apollo Crews. In the event, the intercontinental champion defeated Apollo himself and Shinsuke Nakamura. After the encounter, he suffered a brutal attack from Crews.