Prime Minister Abe Shinzô

At the press conference, Prime Minister Abe Shinzô announced that the sum of 100,000 yen (approximately 853 euros)The unity of the people is more important than anything to overcome this crisis

The government, therefore, decided to pay 100,000 yen to every resident, Japanese and foreign. The population of the Archipelago is approximately 127 million people, including just over 2.6 million foreign residents will be paid to each resident in Japan, as an exceptional economic measure to face the pandemic of coronavirus.

it was first a question of granting aid of 300,000 yen (around 2,560 euros) to households that suffered significant financial losses due to the Covid-19 crisis, the government finally changed its plan. I want to deeply apologize to the people for all this confusion. I take responsibility for it said the Japanese leader.

The formalities to be completed in order to receive the 100,000 yen will be done online or by mail. This avoids the risk of contamination by going directly to the counter of the town hall.

Abe Shinzô added that he intends to act as quickly as possible in order to start the procedure. According to a government official, this will be done no earlier than the end of May.

A state of emergency is currently being declared in all regions of Japan