Defeating the incredible Hulk has always been one of the greatest challenges of the enemies of the green giant, he has great strength and is capable of holding an entire mountain on his shoulders, also has a healing factor that rivals Wolverine. But despite its incredible power, it is not impossible to kill and Marvel has just unveiled a weapon capable of doing so.

In the Maestro comic series that is currently being published in the USA with a script by Peter David and drawings by Germán Peralta, we can meet a future and evil version of the Hulk. What follows the green giant after he has awakened in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by nuclear war

Most of humanity is dead, and there is a city with survivors, Dystopia ruled by the Master formerly known as the incredible Hercules.

Hulk thinks that humanity does not deserve to be able to make decisions freely and decides to take that throne for himself and defeat Hercules. But the Hulk won’t do it alone as he recruits the super villain Vapor to his cause, and together they assassinate Hercules… and then the Hulk killed Vapor. But you may have underestimated your old friend Rick Jones, who is hiding in an underground lair with the creepy memories of Earth.

In Maestro number 5, the Hulk sets Hercules’ lifeless body on fire in front of the inhabitants of Dystopia, to strengthen his authority. But these do not agree to be ruled by a dictator and manifest their desire to have a fair choice, to which the tyrannical Hulk responds by releasing his war dogs, created from the remains of Spider’s Alchemax company. -Man 2099. However, a powerful laser beam destroys the dogs before they can do any damage, revealing a group of armed civilians led by a woman wielding a laser cannon . “Shit! That gun is supposed to be down here! ”Says Rick Jones, watching from his underground base . “Forge built it … to kill the Hulk!”

Forge in this timeline, was one of the X-Men, whose powers include a superhuman talent to create any type of mechanical device, including weapons. If anyone could make a weapon capable of killing the Hulk, it would be Forge, but a weapon is only as good as its wielder, and the people of Dystopia are simply no match for the Master.

The Hulk manages to disarm the rebels by hitting the ground, causing a small earthquake. At that very moment, however, a fiery corpse of Hercules suddenly comes to life to once again face a surprised Hulk, and before he can defeat him is disintegrated by the minister’s weapon, proving that Forge he knew what he was doing when he designed the weapon. The Hulk has an incredible healing factor, but even he cannot recover if there is nothing left of him to heal, and a direct hit from this laser cannon would do just that.

Since Maestro now has the weapon in his custody, he shouldn’t have much to worry about. On the other hand, who knows what other technology Rick Jones has hidden. He’s already been shown to have Thor’s hammer and a new wielder, as well as many other relics of past heroes, so Rick’s armory could be the key to taking down the Hulk.