The anthology “Them” has many references to Jordan Peele’s “Us”, but it is quite different and worthy in some ways of criticism. A second season of the series is already in development.

The Amazon anthology “Them”, leaves viewers with a fully-finished story at the season’s end. However, the provider had already ordered two seasons.

Amazon Prime now has the first season streaming. The original audio with subtitles was available at the beginning, but the stream is available from the end of July (23 July 2021).

When Is “Them” Season 2 Coming?

Amazon ordered the second season in the early stages of the first. It can be assumed that the normal annual publication cycle will be followed. The series could begin on the platform as soon as April 2022 and then be synchronized again in a few more months. There has not been an official start date.

What Can We Expect From The Next Season?

The Emory family story ended in 1955. This is what is certain. An anthology means that each season will feature a new story and a cast. Little Marvin is yet to reveal the script and producers for the new episodes. Certain elements may be repeated, however. On one hand, the story is dominated by racism and the terror inflicted against black people. Presumably, supernatural beings or events will also play a role in the events. You can read the latest news here as soon it is available.