The Last Kingdom Season 5

Here we go, The Last Kingdom fans! The series’s highly-anticipated return is on the horizon and soon enough, we’ll arrive at season 5. Netflix has verified the mega-popular series will surely return for the fifth season. As of right now, it’s only a matter of when.

For those unfamiliar, here’s the assumption, in a nutshell.

What Is The Last Kingdom About?

From the BBC, this award-winning British historical fiction series was originally based on Bernard Cornwell’s novel series The Saxon Stories. Following two seasons on BBC Two, Netflix picked it up for seasons 4, 3, and the upcoming fifth.

Netflix describes the adapted plot as:

The Last Kingdom Season 5


Since Alfred the Great defends his kingdom out of Norse invaders, Uhtred – born a Saxon but increased by Vikings – attempts to maintain his ancestral birthright.

As for season 5, here is what we know about when The Last Kingdom will inevitably return.

Is The Last Kingdom Season 5 Premiering In 2021?

Currently, there are no release date for this one. However, we’ve got a few clues about when The Last Kingdom season 5 may fall. Reportedly, creation for its fifth season was set to begin around November 2020, but filming for the series is known and likely to be extended, sometimes taking 17 to 18 weeks to wrap up. So prepare for a little more waiting.

We likely will not be streaming season 5 until”the end” of 2021 if we are being realistic about it. In addition to that, there is a fair chance we might not even get another installment until 2022. As the publication notes, we might be looking at an October 2021 release date.

Fingers crossed we will be getting season 5 sooner instead of later, with all timelines taken into account. For the time being, it does seem that The Last Kingdom will still be arriving in 2021, as initially called.