Although KIA provides the best long-lasting warranty for their new vehicle, including cost, coverage options, and many other benefits, the company introduced its extended warranty program for customers who want additional protection while using branded and expensive cars. KIA extended auto warranty includes five different categories; each offers a different plan of protecting car accessories. This optional vehicle protection plan protects someone from paying additional repair costs after the factory warranty ends—company vehicle protection up to 12000 miles.

What is covered by a KIA extended warranty?

Followings are the extended warranty plans available for someone’s vehicle depending upon different conditions.

1. Powertrain plan

The plan covers some of the significant parts of the engine, transmission, and drives the axle. This plan is not as comprehensive as the original powertrain warranty. For example, the drive axle warranty only covers the differential and axle housing but doesn’t include other parts like constant velocity joints, drive shafts, and half shafts.

2. Silver plan

The silver plan includes steering parts, electrical, air conditioning, and front suspension, along with the components covered in the powertrain plan.

3. Gold plan

A good plan is just more detailed than a silver plan. Subsumed components in the silver plan protect the engine, transmission, drive axle, steering, front suspension, breaks, electrical, air conditioning, and hybrid parts.

4. Gold Plus plan

The plan goes beyond the gold plan with components like engine cooling system, replacement of brake pads and shoes, belts and hoses, and an additional part of other components as well.

5. Platinum plan

The plan protects most vehicles ‘ features, excluding some parts from routine maintenance and some wear and tear components.

Additional Benefits

Extended warranty also includes some additional benefits along with the vehicle protection, which includes;

Towing coverage: The company bears 75$ on each incident regarding towing expenses.

Travel coverage: The company provides 100$ per day to a maximum 500$ to their customers for food and to stay outside at night while their vehicles are being repaired.

Rental car reimbursement coverage: provide up to 35$ per day to meet transport expenditures. The company will provide for up to 10 days while the vehicle lies in the workshop.

 Fluid coverage: the company provides free-of-cost fluid replacement with any repair, including cover parts.

What is not included in the extended warranty?

Any car extended warranty comes with some terms and conditions. There are conditions under which the company will not be responsible for any damage:

  1. Routine Maintenance
  2. Misuse or improper use of vehicle
  3. Not recommended fluid use
  4. Improper maintenance
  5. Environment damage

Warranty can be claimed only in KIA’s service areas or other authorized service centers. The extended warranty cancellation process is not online for this visit to the dealership and claims a refund if someone cancels their extended warranty.

Warranty Cost

KIA doesn’t give any detailed advertisement related to the extended warranty. There is no advertisement available for vehicles service. The cost of an extended warranty depends upon the following factors:

Vehicle type: As several models of cars are available in the market, each one has its own protection rates.

Vehicle age and mileage: The old the vehicle is, the more expensive the coverage is.

Coverage length and type: The category and the duration of coverage play a vital role in cost decisions. Extensive plans are more costly.