inside edge season 3

Inside edge is getting ready for its 3rd innings?
Inside edge, Indian sports-drama web series from Amazon prime which has already successful competed 2 series . Recently some news are coming about its third season.
Inside edge Leading by Vivek oberoi , Siddhant chaturvedi is one of most popular show in Indian television , same as the last 2 series the new season might also revolve all around story of Mumbai marvericks a Power play T20 cricket team.
Are fans waiting for 3rd innings?
With last two seasons Inside edge obtained massive fan base , as it was directly based on cricket and some what focused on Indian premier league , all cricket and IPL fan we much more excited to watch the series , this was key point which made Inside edge successful , and this is a reason why everyone are eagerly waiting for 3rd season of this sports-drama.

Will Inside edge go for seasons 3?

Still there is not official announcement about season 3 of Inside edge by Amazon prime, but cant expect, any time announcement might come about the 3rd season , in the ending of 2nd season many Easter eggs says that 3rd season might come,
When will 3rd season come
Some rumours says that the 3rd season of Insider edge might come in the mid of 2021 , where this is just an assumption ,
Due to pandemic OTT took a high boost , movies shows and web series in several OTT where successful in satisfying its audience , at this situation news about inside edge 3rd season will definitely be a treat for sports fans.

Story might change in 3rd season?

Amazon Prime official sports-drama based web series Inside edge first season was released in 2017 . The story completely revolves around T20 Cricket league named Power Play and mainly focuses on a team named Mumbai Marvericks , the excellent storytelling and screenplay made it successful and also dragged the audience even to its 2nd season and made the second season also successful. Now the news are coming on its 3rd season, definitely the storyline will be same and continued from its early seasons , which will enhance in holding its old fans .
How every there is no official announcement about anything related to Inside edge season 3 but all its old fans are waiting to experience the magic once again.