Everyone is waiting for PUBG Mobile to return to India once again. About 2 months after the ban was announced, a special Indian version of PUBG Mobile was announced. Despite this, the game has not arrived yet.

PUBG Mobile’s comeback has been successful mainly because of Microsoft Azure. The main reason for PUBG Mobile’s ban was lack of security of users’ data. The release in India is set to return due to Ajur. Many people are tagging him on Twitter and asking for returns while some people are constantly tweeting while waiting for the game.

There is no official announcement and during this time the fans have raised a lot of questions regarding the release date of the game on social media, especially Twitter.

Microsoft Azure is actually the main reason for the game’s comeback in India. Fans are also constantly asking questions from this company about the return of the game. Azur is also explaining this to the people by replying.

Fans have been waiting for other official news of PUBG Mobile’s return to India for a long time. No official release date has been revealed so far. People reacted to their wait on Twitter.

PUBG Mobile also released the teaser. Well, no release date was revealed during this time.