Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 13

The countdown is over for Impractical Jokers episode 9 Episode 13 titled ‘I’m having The Best Time’. It was finally released on Tuesday, 22 July 2021. Here’s the complete article. For more information and updates, stay tuned to the bottom of this article.

Here’s Everything to Know About Release Date and More Updates of Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 13

It has attracted over 32% of the world’s live viewers and received over 8.5 ratings. Its 19th season episode has been released and will be available for viewing on 22/7/2021. These latest episodes can be streamed on the online platform on HBO Max.

Impractical Jokers is based in part on an American hidden camera cringe comedy reality TV show. NorthSouth Productions produce the show. The show’s success was also helped by its cast members, James Murray (Murr), Sal Vulcano Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn, and Brian “Q”.

Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 13

The games of dare are the basis for the series. For each performance, the joker gets either thumbs -up or thumbs -down. The punishment is determined by who gets the most thumbs down. The punishment will read like this: The joker will have to humiliate himself with the commands from the joker behind him. It’s very easy to lose a game. If a joker does not listen to the commands of the others, they are out.

The game turns into a hilarious game as four friends from the same family enter a friendly competition to embarrass one another.