The actor has stood out in this year of pandemic and confinement on social networks, in addition to launching his perfume.

In a few days, he will turn 83, it will be on December 31. But we hope to have Anthony Hopkins for a long time to come, and it’s not just about enjoying him for the performances he can bring us. His new film El Padre, together with Olivia Colman, won the Audience Award in San Sebasti├ín and opens in our cinemas this December 23rd. Last Christmas we also received The Two Papas from Netflix, along with Jonathan Pryce, and earned him a nomination as a supporting actor (the fifth in his career and the second in this section).

A statuette that he already obtained as a leading actor for The Silence of the Lambs (1991). And to all this add his frantic work on social networks, on Instagram or TikTok, and that he has managed in recent months to get more than one smile, or laugh, with his extravagant and disconcerting occurrences.

Through the networks he has shown us that he has taken advantage of these difficult times to enhance the more artistic side of him, beyond interpretation, such as painting or playing the piano; also his love for his inseparable pet (the cat Niblo) or reminding us that a couple of months ago he launched a perfume and a range of candles and diffusers with his name.

AH Eau de Parfum by Anthony Hopkins is a fragrance for both men and women. “A mystical alchemy of the sublime bergamot and the ethereal note of the orange blossom is illuminated with hypnotic musk to create aromatic magic”, is what the product promotion sells.

For Hopkins, smells, in general, have a strong mystical component. “The aromas are a form of meditation, they simply change my psychology. They have helped me with painting, music, and acting. It is an integral part of my inner life,” he explained in a statement to Vogue magazine.

The fragrance can be purchased at a price of about $ 75 (for example, on his website) and some packages have exclusive designs based on the paintings that he has created. And all also for a solidarity cause because a part will go to the No Kid Hungry project, to alleviate child hunger in the United States (the promotion indicates that each purchase can provide 50 meals). In addition to wanting to contribute, in general, and in his words, with “some kind of sense of humor and humor. A sense of fun. Because we live in a dark time.”

And boy has it contributed by providing that pinch of healthy madness and humor. More than one of his Instagram videos or TikTok has left us pleasantly stunned or surprised. Impossible to forget his faces and grimaces in the “253 Days in Quarantine … I’m starting to feel the side effects of him. What do you think?” It is no coincidence that today his Instagram account accumulates almost two and a half million followers.

“People seem to respond to my strange sense of humor. Because this is all we can do, try to get a good smile. Try it and keep our spirits up,” he said in an interview for People through Zoom to the actor at his residence in Malibu. And he assured, about its discovery and use, that social networks are an important tool because: “We are alone, we are confused. It is the nature of human existence.”

In his own words, the arts like painting have also helped him overcome his depression or alcohol problems over the years. As for his style, well what could we expect? Also on the rare side and very, very personal.

Fantasies with grotesque shapes and expressions, others more impressionistic. Neon colors, impossible faces, some compositions recalling Edward Hopper’s paintings, and perhaps also being inspired by a Picassian touch, reminding us that he precisely embodied the artist from Malaga in Surviving Picasso 1996.