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Online casino games are a fantastic hobby and a terrific way to pass the time. When playing at major online casinos, you will receive a notification immediately upon signing in that you have been locked out.

When you try to access a game or deposit/withdraw money on other websites, a notification appears, letting you know that you have been banned. The blocked player will also receive an email notifying them that their account has been locked.

Casinos with a legitimate reputation usually inform customers when they try to access their accounts if they are blocked. Players can also be notified or emailed when their virtual vaults are being locked, or their money is being withheld. Players can usually regain their accounts in mild cases, while severe ones permanently delete them.

Listed below are important factors leading to the closure of an online casino account

Duplicate account

“One account per person” is a rule set by online casinos. IP addresses are used to identify duplicate accounts at online casinos. The person is at risk of having their bankroll locked even if they use different usernames or account details when multiple accounts connect to the same casino from their IP address. Account duplication is frequently an accident. A player may forget their account information and create a new one. It can also lead to banned accounts if more than one person in the household accesses the same site.


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Suspicious and Unusual activity

Major and licensed casinos have a machine learning and artificial intelligence system that monitors all player activity and detects suspicious patterns. Some of the patterns include making predetermined bet amounts on specific poker hands or placing maximum bets on slot machines at specific times of the day or night. Gambling bots, often known as cheating software, are a big source of concern for casinos since they can discover an exploit to regularly win in particular games. An online casino’s artificial intelligence can prevent cheaters from taking advantage of their games by locking accounts that exhibit any suspicious behavior.

Irregular banking transactions

Due to the fact that casinos provide criminals with an excellent opportunity to legalize unlawful funds, money laundering is a major source of concern among gaming regulatory agencies. Gambling establishments may be compelled to report an account suspected of being used to launder money depending on the country. It is also possible to be barred from banking transactions by using prohibited payment methods, such as prepaid debit cards, which are not permitted. Operators can use bank account information to identify players based in their banned countries under specific circumstances.

Violation of Terms and Conditions

When you register for a casino account, you agree to the terms and conditions of that casino. If you violate any of their regulations, you run the danger of having your account suspended. Anyone can easily break the rules if they don’t read the fine print carefully before proceeding. A common rule that many players break is claiming the welcome bonus under multiple accounts in the same household. Another is to supply the operator with forged documents or fraudulent proof of identification while validating an account, which is considered a serious infraction under the KYC and AML standards established by regulatory agencies.

Information Breach

When a hacker acquires access to a database of an online casino, the system will automatically lock all of the accounts on that site. An operator can prevent fraudsters from taking your bankroll or any personal information from you by blocking your account with the company. Criminals attempt to infiltrate internet casinos regularly. On the other hand, every large casino employs the most up-to-date security methods to prevent any unwanted entry. When a data breach happens, it is usually remedied as soon as possible. Certain operators will require you to update your password before participating in any games or conducting a transaction to increase your security.

Providing False Information

When an online casino requests information from you, the best course of action is to be truthful and submit the information that has been asked for. It is possible that providing false information can result in your account being suspended by the casino. Fake names, residences, and identity verification documents are examples of fraudulent information that could be provided. A common type of fake information that players offer to an online casino is their age, one of the most common types of false information. Some online casinos only allow players who are 21 years of age or older to participate in their games and promotions. Depending on the circumstances, the account may be blocked and eventually terminated if it is proven that you are not as old as you claim to be.

Too many failed login attempts

One of the situations in which disabling an account can help a player secure their bankroll is when someone repeatedly logs into their account with their login data. A security system in place at online casinos detects several login attempts for a specific account, which are typically made by hackers attempting to brute force a password. When this occurs, players can take advantage of the fact that they can contact support to reactivate their accounts. A breaching attempt that results in the account being locked serves as a reminder to activate your account’s two-factor authentication system to keep it safe from hackers.

Final Thoughts

Blocked accounts would be a minor inconvenience if they appeared at the beginning of the game procedure rather than at the end, as they already do. Sadly, the reality is that if any issues could result in an account being stopped, they are most likely to manifest themselves when a withdrawal is requested. The gamers will have already deposited their monies, put in their time, and hopefully reaped some substantial rewards due to their efforts.

And it is only when they are ready to reap the benefits of their good fortune that they will experience the agony of having their account restricted. A significant sum of money can be lost in this situation for players who have a large bankroll. However, in this instance, adopting these measures can mean the difference between a very large payday and a very large amount of suffering.