After a two-week break, IMPACT Wrestling returns with the first weekly episode of 2021. We started with a four-way contest with new faces involved.

KC Navarro vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Blake Christian vs. Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton)
Austin goes down to ringside and takes Steve. The two rookies fight each other for several moments with Navarro dominating until Ace throws him towards the barricade. Blake gains the advantage over Steve, but Austin takes him to the barricade for an attack. KC returns to the ring and gains dominance over the two IMPACT workers. The four wrestle at the corner until Blake throws his opponent out of the ring. The rookies are intercepted by Austin, who tries to iron Steve without success. Blake is left alone with KC and tries to iron him, but Ace quickly avoids him. Steve applies a Death Valley Driver on Navarro and finishes it with his DDT from the third rope. 1 … 2 … 3 …
Winner: Crazzy Steve on the count of three

Sami Callihan makes a promo from his home base. It clarifies that we all have a purpose in life and that Eddie Edwards is a failure. He warns that it is the chaos that people need, and he will make sure that anything can happen tonight in his fight against Edwards.

Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan send a special message to the IMPACT audience. AEW authority figures remind us of the New Year’s Smash card, and they begin to launch aggressive messages against Don Callis.

The Good Brothers Kenny Omega and Don Callis are in their motor home celebrating the new year. Callis clarifies that the world is talking about her heads up against Rich Swann and Motor City Machine Guns in Hard to Kill. Omega clarifies that the three are a family and they will prove it next week at the pay-per-view.

Team Match

Cousin Jake and Rhino vs. Joe Doering and Cody Deaner with Eric Young
Cody Deaner encounters a new look the product of Eric’s brainwashing. The competitor savagely attacks his former partner and corners him for several moments with savagery never seen in his person. Doering takes over and keeps the balance in favor of his team before the commercial break.
Cousin escapes from a key and relieves Rhino. The latter beat his two rivals and looks for an attack with Jake, but Jake applies a low blow while Eric distracts the referee. Deaner’s DDT for the win.

Winners: Joe Doering and Cody Deaner on the count of three.

Tommy Dreamer appears on the scene and drives the victors away from the fight. He clarifies to Eric Young that he will give him a real war in Hard to Kill when both trios face off in an Old School rules match.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee make their entrance to the ring. The Knockouts champion clarifies that she has nothing to prove in Hard to Kill against Taya Valkyrie, and warns her future rival that she should accept the reality that awaits her. Rosemary and Valkyrie enter the ring. The latter clarifies that she has never lost focus and will regain the women’s title very soon. Purrazzo reminds him of everything he has lost in recent times and warns him that his extensive reign will not be important when he breaks his arm. Taya ends the verbal exchange by warning that the “Era of the Virtuous” will end in Hard to Kill.

Knockouts Team Championships Tournament – Semifinal

Jordynne Grace and Jazz vs. Havok and Nevaeh
Jordynne and Nevaeh struggle until the latter falls to the canvas. Havok enters the ring and gains dominance for his team. Jazz takes over and is outmatched by her two opponents. The veteran competitor takes Nevaeh by the arm and together with Grace they manage to level the fight in her favor. Havok enters the ring and completely dominates Jordynne. He applies a Powerbomb, but Jazz enters the ring and helps her gain some advantage. Never pushes Grace away and Havok applies his Tombstone Piledriver on the veteran. 1 … 2 … 3

Winners: Havok and Nevaeh on the count of three

Havok and Nevaeh will face Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan in Hard to Kill to define the first Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Rich Swann and Motor City Machine Guns make statements backstage. Alex Shelley warns that they will represent IMPACT as a unit in Hard to Kill. Swann clarifies that he did too much to get the World Championship and he will not let anyone on the outside dominate the company. Sabin decides that the three of them will teach Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers a lesson in their motor home. The trio knocks on the door of the truck but is quickly attacked from behind. Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers put them down and fight the AEW World Championship. Omega advises that it will be easy to remove them.

Jazz looks for Jordynne Grace backstage. The latter asks for a huge apology, but Jazz advises her that she is very grateful for the opportunity. To make up for her, Jordynne offers her partner a heads up at Genesis. Jazz accepts and makes the fight between the official.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kylie Rae ask James Mitchell if he made any breakthroughs on Su Yun

Three-minute challenge
Moose vs. Matthew Palmer
Moose completely dominates Palmer in most of the fight, throwing him several times against the canvas. Palmer barely manages to land a knee before landing another Chokeslam. Willie Mack distracts Moose and allows Palmer to win.
Winner: Matthew Palmer by the time limit

Ethan Page and The Karate Man reflect on their future. The two conflict and decide that they will have a heads up in Hard to Kill.

Rich Swann vs. Karl Anderson is announced for next week.

Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan enter the scene exchanging attacks with each other. The two men trade ringside attacks with various objects. The attack continues after the commercial break until Ken Shamrock appears and levels the situation in favor of his partner. An Alisha Edwards trapped in a cage is forced to watch her husband get hit on the head with a baseball bat. Sami and Ken leave while Alisha tries to help her husband.