Iker Casillas was a baby of barely a year old when one of the mythical series of the 80s was released. The Fantastic Car Now almost 40 years later El Santo and KITT have met again for a moment on a trip in the time surely full of emotions for the mostoleo. The legendary Real Madrid goalkeeper had the opportunity to get on a Pontiac Firebird Trans-AM customized as KITT with its headlights scanning the road and all passersby. What we do not know is what he will have said to the white target, or if they have activated the Boost mode or the Super-chase during the ride.

What it has surely done has been to awaken the nostalgia of Casillas who grew up with the equivalents of the great Netflix series now. Those series we grew up with. The 80s arrived and both The A-Team and The Fantastic Car were series followed by thousands and thousands of Spaniards. Who has not said the famous phrase picking up the wrist and speaking to the clock? Kitt, I need you Michael Knight was ahead of his time he already had this modern watch that informs you of the steps you take each day the white legend has written.

The Instagram post has even aroused the admiration of famous people like India Martinez or Wally Lopez a great car fan or colleagues like Adrian San Miguel, Liverpool goalkeeper, who have hallucinated with Casillas new car. Others have discovered a detail that squeaks. KITT’s steering wheel was not round, it was wrong says one of Casillas’s followers wisely. Although we remain as a summary with the comment of the Movistar Plus account sweeping for home I can’t think of a better means of transport now that you’ve hung up your wings.

A car that marked childhood and that was sold recentlyKITT has been one of those mythical cars that have awakened the passion for the automobile in many children of the 80s  and that in the following years has had several remakes (in fact, now The Fantastic Car will return in film format. The model KITT was based on was a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, equipped with a 5-liter V8 engine. Its power was not outstanding it was below 200 hp – but it improved its performance if necessary with the Turbo Boost with which it could even take off from the ground or later the Super Pursuit with which it was modified even the body of the vehicle.

The scriptwriters of the series endowed KITT with incredible functions for the time. Without a doubt, the most striking was speaking later some Renault models copied this idea and warned you verbally, for example, if you left the headlights on when you turned off the car, but there was more. The autonomous driving mystery -the trying to unravel the automakers 40 years later had no secrets for him and even GPS navigation, which at the time was something almost inconceivable, was part of their abilities incredible. It so happens that just a few weeks ago David Hasselhoff, the actor who played Michael Knight, auctioned several items related to his career. he included the car. It was the flagship item and sold for $ 300,000.