Israel Adesanya said that he doesn’t plan on getting jacked up for his light heavyweight debut.


Adesanya said he will be “skinny” when he challenges Jan Blachowicz for the 205lbs title.

Israel Adesanya has revealed he doesn’t plan on becoming jacked up for his light heavyweight introduction from the reigning champ of their 205lbs branch, Jan Blachowicz, in 2021.

Talking to TheMacLife about his upcoming fight, Israel Adesanya said he will nevertheless be skinny if he struggles with Blachowicz to the light heavyweight title because he likes being that way. The Nigerian born Kiwi doesn’t mean to pack on any more muscle for his upcoming battle and prefers to be a lean fighting machine.

“I’m jumping up in weight. That’s something that gets me jacked up like ‘yeah, let’s go.’You know what I’m saying, ‘hey, who’s skinny now, motherf***er?’ No, I’m still skinny and I like being skinny but yeah the idea of moving up a weight class is something that gets me juiced up, not literally though.”


“I don’t look past Jan. Jan’s a beast. I know he’s had some losses and he’s climbed back from them and went on to win the title so I don’t look past the guy like that. He’s a beast.” 

During the interview, Israel Adesanya also shared his thoughts on his next competitor Jan Blachowicz. Paying due respect to Blachowicz, Adesanya said that the former is a beast within the Octagon and that he is not looking beyond him in any manner.

The Last Stylebender further stated that he is excited about the struggle against Blachowicz. Since the announcement of Israel Adesanya’s move to light heavyweight, lovers and media began speculating about the prospect of a grudge match between him and Jon Jones in the future.

The former light heavyweight champion recently vacated his title to move up to heavyweight. However, when Adesanya manages to select the name from Blachowicz, we may see Jones return to 205lbs to battle Adesanya.