• Former Universal champion challenged Roman Reigns. Know what is the big thing?
  • This week SmackDown was started by Jay Uso and Roman Reigns.

This week’s episode of SmackDown looks like Roman Reigns has been challenged. The next opponent of Roman Reigns could be Kevin Owens. Now this thing is also being decided. This week’s main event on SmackDown featured a match between Jay Uso and Kevin Owens.

Big talk about Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was also watching the match of Kevin Owens and Jay Uso. Jay Uso attacked Kevin Owens at the end of the match but failed. Kevin Owens beat Jay Uso badly. Kevin Owens also called Roman Reigns in the ring and he did not come. Kevin then challenged Roman Reigns as well.

Kevin Owens talks to Paul Heyman at Talking Smack. And here he said a lot and hinted that now he will go for the Universal Championship. There were a lot of talks here between Paul Heyman and Kevin Owens. Paul Hayman called Roman Reigns a legend, Kevin Owens insulted him, and in the end, Kevin Owens said,

“Paul do you know who I am? I’m not a good guy, I’m not a bad guy either. I am the superstar who will beat Roman Reigns and win the Universal Championship.”

Earlier this storyline was by Jay Uso and Daniel Bryan. And Roman Reigns was also from Jay Uso’s side. But Daniel Bryan was attacked by Jay Uso in backstage this week. Daniel Bryan arrives at Kevin Owens to save Brian and later challenges Roman Reigns, Jay Uso. Now it seems that Daniel Owen has also joined Kevin Owens. We can expect big matches from here. Tag team matches can also be seen in TLC. Fans will have a lot of fun in this match.

In many reports, it was said that the Universal Championship match between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns would happen soon but now Kevin Owens has challenged Roman Reigns. In the coming time, we will get to see a big match here.