A Hyundai logo sits on a window in the reception area at Hyundai Motor Co.'s plant in Nosovice, Czech Republic, on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014. Photographer: Martin Divisek/Bloomberg

 Information from Hyundai that it had entered into discussions with Apple to develop electric vehicles with autonomous technology. In fact, the official statement said that Hyundai had been one of the different car manufacturers that were in talks with the American technology giant.

But either because this information was not entirely accurate, or because it has been communicated ahead of time the Automotive Group has been forced to clarify this information and right now the statement from Korea speaks that they are in negotiations with partners potentials. Apple is no longer mentioned, and other vehicle manufacturers are not mentioned either.

We have been receiving requests for potential cooperation from various companies about the development of self-driving electric vehicles. This second statement reads verbatim. It is notorious that the American technology company always maintains a high degree of secrecy about any type of new launch. In fact, it may take ten years each time the company embarking on new technology such as the autonomous car until it is released on the market, and this correction may have been requested by Apple.