Hunter x Hunter Season 7

If a TV show is more than one season long, it becomes difficult to even start. “HTMODE_ Hunter X Hunter ” is one example of an anime show with close to 6 seasons. It is a short life and I prefer watching 3 shows rather than 6 long. ‘Hunter X Hunter’ is an exception. This is because it’s one of the few long-running series you get once in a blue moon and the hype has made it almost impossible to ignore. Now, you might resist the temptation to invest such a large sum with anime like Gintama’ and Hunter X Hunter. Then, anime lovers, there is a time when you must take the plunge and discover what these are all.

Unlike other popular shounen like Naruto’ or Bleach, Hunter X Hunter doesn’t fudge the facts by adding fillers throughout its 148 episodes. Both ‘Naruto’ and Bleach’ are quirky shows that have enjoyed a lot in popularity over the years. But they often seem to just stray away from the storyline to fill gaps or extend it further. Hunter X Hunter may never do that. The animation does not take advantage of the viewer’s attention in any way. However, it does come with a price. The progress of anime is very slow, and it often seems like there is no progress at all. As a viewer, it can become exhausting to watch the same thing every day. But aside from that, everything in the show is quite good.

Your entire perception of Shounen anime will change once the strange plot of ‘Hunter‘ starts unfold. You are left feeling happy, sad, angry, and most importantly, satisfied. The pain of watching all 148 episodes is not worth it. I could go on about the incredible anime but let’s stop there and say that it’s a great show.

When will Hunter x Hunter Season 7 be released?

The biggest problem in regards to the release of a new season “Hunter x Hunter”, is the absence of primary content. The manga has always been at Yoshiro Togashi’s pace and has suffered many significant hiatuses throughout the decade.

However, what if the anime creators decided that they would follow the Game of Thrones model and build Season 7 using an outline? Fans could interpret Megumihan and MariyaIse’s coding social media messages as a sign that work on the next “Hunter x Hunter chapter” has started. Madhouse, the animation studio that produced the first six seasons has shown they can produce quality content quickly. The company produced 148 episodes between 2011 and 2014. Three seasons premiered in 2012 alone. While there is a noticeable gap between the Japanese and English versions, the dubbed version launched in 2012 and has been running for several seasons.

Thus, if work continues, a new episode could air towards the end of 2021. And if it does then, fans might be able to see an English edition by 2022. These are just speculative estimates.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7

The Story So Far

The end of the anime was all about wrapping up the stories of all the characters. Gon has a heartfelt conversation with his father. Ging Frances can meet Gon at the top and tell him how he wanted the title of Hunter, to go beyond the boundaries of what they have been taught. He wanted the origin of chimera ants to be discovered and trace its history. Gon has returned Kite’s Hunter license. Kurapika has gotten the remains from his clan members back. He finishes the last rites in the eyes of his clan and achieves his goal.