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Procrastination, burning out, and having a panic attack at work are what all of us have heard about, but is it really this hard to make yourself quit checking the phone and being nervous about things and start working? Well, if you’re dealing with a mental health disorder, it might be quite difficult and some professional help might be needed, but if you’re just a common person who’s meeting some bumps on the way to a productive routine, we’re here to help. In this article, we’re going to review three main types of apps that will help you to go with the workflow and don’t distract yourself with anything that doesn’t matter.

Fortunately, today applications are updated frequently and there is a huge choice in general — so if you feel that you are missing some functions, you can always look for an alternative or ask the developers to “fix” it. That is why we will not recommend specific applications to you — the choice is too large to narrow everything down to one specific application, you can easily choose it yourself using our definitions of the types of these apps. Download several apps, use them simultaneously throughout the day and find the best option yourself. By the way, in the App Store and Google Market, you can find editorial collections of the best applications — you can use this section if you don’t have time to conduct an independent analysis.

1. Pomodoro trackers

If you haven’t yet heard of the 25 minutes of concentration technique, your life might be changed once and for all right now. Our brain is a complicated and nasty machine that doesn’t want to do what we’re commanding it to especially when it comes to concentration and dealing with the tasks that we despise. But somehow scientists and psychologists have figured out that you can concentrate on any task for 25 minutes productively (we mean, anybody can, you can) and then you’re going to hit a plateau — so it’s best to stop and rest. And Pomodoro is just a name of a technique — it has nothing in common with real tomatoes, actually. So, if you want to try and boost your productivity, download this one and go!

2. Habit trackers

If you’re finding it difficult to stick to a certain habit and do it every day (like, really every day, without skipping it six times a week), today’s app stores have something for you: download a habit tracker, whichever you like, and track each duty that you have and each promise that you’ve given yourself this weekend. Do you want to subscribe to people on Instagram (you can actually buy Instagram followers, but okay) every day to enlarge your audience? Planning on starting to go through your mail each morning? Well, you know what you can do now — put each one of those into the habit tracker and motivate yourself to get better at filling the boxes with checkpoints.

3. White noise apps

Great for people who’re dealing with difficulties because of the surroundings: if you need something to put your brain on the rails of work, this type of app is definitely for you. You can choose whichever sounds you like: from the sounds of the rain to the sounds of the cafe where people are eating and talking. It really helps with going into a state of concentration and staying there for a while. If you’re going to do something monotonous and repetitive, for example, if you need to answer direct messages or mail, if you need to subscribe to people on Instagram or leave them likes to promote your profile (actually, quit that and just buy real Instagram followers to spare some time), or if you’re going through some kind of work calculations, it will help.

4. Schedule apps

Sometimes to stay motivated you should have all of your duties right behind your eyes — and apps that hold them there for you really help. You can divide tasks by degree of importance, create different lists and change their priority — in general, these applications offer all the tools for busy people who urgently need to increase their productivity and find some extra hours in the day. It may seem that a particular application is not quite needed for this — standard notes are enough, but in fact, the system of separation, classification, and the ability to mark completed duties greatly increase the motivation to really do all the tasks.

5. A game that won’t take too much of your energy and will help to distract you

Yes, it’s also a must-have! The brain is very cleverly designed, and a real rest for it is simply a change of activity or sleep. It is unlikely that you have time and place to take a nap at work or school, so a simple game on a smartphone or on a PC will help you switch and “ventilate” the brain. We recommend using the Pomodoro tracker in order not to abuse distraction, five or ten minutes will be quite enough to give the brain a much-needed rest and prepare it for the next working session.

And now to that 1 secret that we’ve promised you: If you see that some task has an easier way to solve and requires an elementary investment of money or delegation — choose the path of the least resistance. At first, it may seem to you that this is not a “real” solution to the problem and that you could do better on your own, but when you see that some stages of your work may take much less time, you will undoubtedly be content with it.

For example, if you want to expand your audience on Instagram, you should not try to use all the possible concentration techniques, but simply go and purchase those subscribers that you desperately need. They will help you to play a way better game than if you’d be trying to do everything yourself — websites that provide quality services will bring you only one hundred percent real and effective subscribers, thumbs up, or whatever you desire. Don’t hesitate to entrust your problems to professionals — they won’t let you down.