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When viewing home design programs, it’s motivating to consider organizing closets. However, organizing and decluttering a closet to make it more useful requires planning. Use these suggestions to organize closets to the level of those you see on television.

Clean and organize your closet.

This will be unusual if you’re accustomed to stuffing things into your closet because you’re about to pull everything out and discover some items you forgot about that were tucked in a rear corner. Hangers, boxes, baskets, and anything else that can be on the ground or shelves should all be taken out of the closet. To plan and picture how you will rearrange your wardrobe, you need a room free of clutter and spotless.

Sort through your clothing, accessories, and shoes

The following section is the one you have either been anticipating or avoiding. Since individuals love to hang on to stuff they “may need one day” or “used to fit/be in style,” they dislike the idea of decluttering. Consider what you need to preserve rather than what you should discard.

Make a “maybe” stack if you’re having a difficult time. Place your “maybe” stack in a box and check back on it in a month, three months, or six. You can donate or sell these goods if you forgot about them or never consider using them.

Make a jewelry display wall.

Organize your shoes and accessories apart from your apparel. Make your storage solutions to keep your jewelry from becoming twisted. You probably wouldn’t like to get your favorite Leo necklace tangled with other necklaces. This could be frustrating, especially when you are in a rush. You can consider hanging them on the wall or storing them on a tray. Sunglasses, jewelry, and scarves can also be kept in built-in drawers.

Put away your shoes from the ground.

To fit all of your shoes in your closet, you’ll need to pile or tier them. Utilize a shoe rack-equipped organizer to arrange them. Also, consider including risers for additional tiers if there is extra shelf space.

Place your bags in plain view.

Your smaller bags will be displayed and kept in order in your closet with an acrylic handbag holder. Purchase as many as you require to highlight your favorites because each has only a few sections. You might consider using hooks or bins for your oversized handbags and backpacks since these are only suitable for clutches, wallets, and small shoulder bags.

Maintain your freshly organized closet clean

The more you clean your closet, the quicker the process will be. Once a month, quickly straighten up your wardrobe, and twice a year, go through the entire rearrangement procedure.

Set a maintenance schedule based on the time of year, a date, or an occasion to make your life easier. The next time you can’t find an essential item of clothes, it’s a good indication that your closet needs to be reorganized.

And remember that you have to make sure you have the necessary equipment and supplies on hand before getting started on organizing your closet. After a hard day’s work, resist the impulse to begin this project. You need to conduct some preliminary work and block off two to three hours on your calendar so that you can devote yourself to organizing your closet.